Our Leadership

Chairman & CEO

Sass Peress


High-energy, innovation architect with decades of achievements in global renewable energy product development and marketing. Sass has been passionate about renewable energy and clean mobility since creating his first startup in 1988 in solar power. Having founded Quebec’s first ever photovoltaic panel factory in 2001, he then took it public in 2007, and began to integrate electric vehicle technologies into his product mix as early as 2009. In 2010, he co-founded a company responsible for the design and deployment of solar carports for General Motors, a co-investor, in order to help launch the Chevy Volt. In early 2011, he co-founded Facebook’s first green social game (Greenspace). In late 2011, he saw an opportunity to expand the offering of solar structures beyond GM, and thus founded renewz sustainable solutions to provide solar powered carport solutions to any automotive brand dealership, as well as other commercial, government, industrial and residential land owners. In 2015, Sass launched Uber Energies with an aim to provide sustainability initiative support to companies who wished to enhance their success in reaching their goals in sustainability, electro-mobility or renewable energy market and technical development.
The new millenium and its energy, currency and carbon realities are game changers for how transactions will occur.

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