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A clear path

Uber Energies was founded on the principle that electrification of mobility is a clear path for our world. Combining electric vehicle propulsion with renewable energy permits a further reduction of the carbon footprint of our mobility and reduces the emissions which are a known cause of climate change. At Uber Energies we believe in a shared responsibility towards the environment and provide consulting services to clients who are eager to improve the sustainability aspects of their projects, as well as technical support in the development of infrastructure for the recharging of electric vehicles, energy management or distributed renewable power generation. Equipped with our own electro-mobility test equipment, Uber Energies has invested in electric vehicles and technologies in order to provide clients with real live data on the effects of driving habits, weather and road conditions, as well as supporting their promotional activities in the areas of emobility. This in turn permits them to adjust their technical specifications for recharging, deployment of electric vehicle infrastructure and the required understanding of the driving habit changes of electric vehicle owners. In the areas of renewable energy, Uber Energies brings decades of experience in the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies and infrastructure.

Why Electric Vehicles?

Be the change


80% fewer emissions


42% of households in the U.S. could switch to electric vehicles today


90% of daily travel is less than 90km


40% of all new vehicles will be electric by 2035

Our Customers & Partners

Uber Energies will shortly announce an agreement with a major cleantech company that provides energy management and sustainability solutions for enterprises, government agencies and utilities. This client's technology and services include intelligent, real-time control, equipment-level submetering and monitoring hardware, big data analytics software and energy management services. Uber Energies will provide real-time intelligence on the sub-metering requirements for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the interplay between distributed generation assets, EV chargers and storage facilities. Thanks to Uber Energies' access to an electric vehicle of maximum range capacity, this client will be able to craft an energy service for its huge north american fleet targets.

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